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     Gillian is certified by Kyle Gray.     
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About Gillian

Welcome! My name is Gillian. 

I am a professional Tarot Reader, Angel Guide, Psychic and Energy Healer.  


My services are offered online via Zoom or FaceTime.  All of my offerings are listed on the page below.  

I also have video readings available in my Etsy shop. 

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My intention is to offer insight, clarity and  spiritual guidance and hold space for your personal healing and expansion through our work together.  

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I use Angel cards as a divination tool to receive messages of clarity and guidance.  In a reading, my intention is to provide a nurturing space, where you feel supported in your growth and healing and gain insights on situations in your life.  



The tarot is a powerful, ancient tool filled with symbolism and insight.  It will shine a light on situations in your life so that you can follow a path that is aligned with your heart and soul purpose.  In these sessions, I will offer you intuitive messages, through the card spreads, to provide you with clarity and insight on your journey.  



In this one hour session, I will offer you energy healing and intuitive angel card spreads based on your questions or areas of focus.   This session will also include sacred ritual, prayer and meditation. 

My intention is to provide a nurturing space where you feel supported on your healing journey.   


Since she was a little girl, Gillian felt a deep connection to Spirit. After completing a degree in Sociology and travelling abroad, she decided to take her first yoga teacher training. Following the training in 2011,  Gillian began to deepen her spiritual connection through a dedicated yoga practice.  

After studying, practicing and teaching various types of yoga, meditation and energy healing, she read Kyle Gray's book, Angel Prayers, felt a deep connection to the angels and began working with angel cards.  


Gillian has studied with angel expert, Kyle Gray, attending his retreat in 

New York and completing his Angel Card Mastery Certification, as well as his Certified Angel Guide training.  She is also a member of his online Angel Team community.  Gillian is highly intuitive and connects with the angelic realm to receive messages of wisdom and guidance.  

Gillian is also a self-taught Tarot reader who has dedicated years of study to the Tarot and it's multiple facets.   She has also mentored and studied with Tarot expert, Raecine Ardis, who is a Priestess of Isis, as well as a Shamanic Healer. 

Gillian is deeply fascinated by the history, art and symbolism of the Tarot as a tool for self discovery, divine connection and mediumship.    


Gillian has been a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2011.  

(Yoga Alliance Certified).  

Her first experience with Yoga was in the midst of her sales career in Toronto.  Her life was hectic and she needed something to help her unwind at the end of each day.  Shortly after Gillian began practicing regularly, she discovered the therapeutic impact that yoga had on her life.  Improving her scoliosis and helping her to manage chronic migraines, stress and anxiety.

Yoga quickly  became a source of healing in her life – both physically and mentally.  She felted empowered, creative and more peaceful. Gillian knew that she wanted to share this practice with others.

Since 2010, Gillian has studied and practiced Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Classical Hatha, Dharma, Kundalini, Yin & Restorative Yoga.  These lineages continue to inspire her daily practice and her offerings. 


Gillian has taught at yoga studios in Toronto, Vancouver and Whistler. Her classes are creative, devotional and include gems of yoga philosophy.  Her sequences help students to develop strength, flexibility, awareness and connection.  She is passionate about sharing yogic practices that help students find balance, wellness, self-awareness, mental clarity and peace.  


Gillian’s  goal is to offer her students a nurturing space for healing and growth.  She truly believes that yoga can help anyone who wants to live a more joyful and peaceful life.

To access Gillian's free online yoga classes, visit her Youtube channel here:

Training & Certifications

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Ashtanga, Classical Hatha, Hot, Restorative & Yin Yoga, Yoga Plus Toronto, 2011

Weekend Training for Teachers with Kino MacGregor, 2011


100-Hour Ashtanga Immersion with David Robson, Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, 2012


Ashtanga Apprenticeship with Fiona Stang, Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver, 2012


Thai Massage Therapy Certification, Gordon Waselnuk, 2016


Ashtanga Immersion with David Robson, Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, 2016

Plant-Based Nutrition Certification, Centre of Nutrition Studies at E-Cornell, 2017

Ashtanga Mysore Immersion with Fiona Stang, Whistler, 2017

55-Hour Yin Yoga Training with Jolene Bayda, Vancouver, 2017

Reiki Level 1 Training with Emily Kane at Whistler Yogacara, 2019

Angels & Miracles Retreat with Kyle Gray, Omega Institute, New York, 2019

Angel Card Mastery Certification with Kyle Gray, Online, 2020 

Certified Angel Guide Training with Kyle Gray, Online 2021

Advanced Tarot Mentorship Program with Raecine Ardis, 2022

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"My experience receiving a reading with Gillian was joyous and exciting!  I felt the messages she brought forth resonated with my own soul's knowing and helped me also make peace with where I was at in my life.  With compassion, kindness, and enthusiasm, she delivered her intuitive insight, and overall, her energy made me feel comfortable and free to be totally myself.  I would highly recommend a reading with Gillian - It was one of the most uplifting readings I've ever received!" -Jen


"I am a regular client of Gillian's.  She is a truly gifted and amazing tarot reader.  I have seen so many tarot readers but, in my opinion, her readings are the best! So accurate and she always tells me what I need to hear.  I love the feeling I have after a session with her - I feel calm about the situation and gain so much clarity.  Thank you so much for guiding me down the right path, Gillian! I feel like you are one of my guardian angels!"  -Kumi


"I received an Angel Card Reading from Gill and it was AMAZING. She started out by having me choose a crystal that I felt drawn to. Then she used 3 different decks (3 cards from each), and she was able to tie them all together to provide a reading that I could completely relate too. She explained everything so clearly and I felt a sense of knowing at the end of the reading. 

She was friendly, caring and relatable.  I definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for answers to any area of their life, or just looking for confirmation about something, to get a reading from Gill.  I love the variety of decks she uses and how knowledgeable she is about all of them.  She really knows her stuff".  -Kylie 


"I had a fantastic Angel card reading with Gill.  This was my first time getting a reading done and Gill explained all the steps and made me feel very comfortable.  The reading was very relevant to the events going on in my life and provided me with the guidance I needed.  Thank you!"  - Ellie

"What I liked most of all in my reading with Gill is her approach to Tarot.  She seems to go to the very center of your soul to tell you about the real you, about everything you may not see (yet!) or have forgotten about yourself.  She places you in relationship with yourself - and not trivially.  Personally, I could relate to everything she told me, and a lot of her words still resonate with me to this day.  The reading helped me see myself with my own eyes, to see the truth about me.  She is someone easy to connect with, a really nice, empathetic person, that is easy to confide in.  I will make other reading appointments with her because I love the way it reminds me of who I am and what I can do."  - Dominike

"I had an Angel card reading with Gillian and was a little nervous and not sure what to expect and as soon as I met with Gillian, her calm, positive and loving presence made me feel comfortable and ready to allow my angels to come forth to offer guidance.  I felt completely safe and loved throughout the reading.  I had been feeling a little lost, and Gillian was able to affirm all that I was feeling and what my angels have been guiding me to see. 

Gillian is insightful and was able to touch on areas of my life that she saw and felt were really coming to light....or needing to come to light.  During this time of uncertainty, it's easy to feel lost, and unsure of our place in the world, and this reading with Gillian gave me some peace for the future".  -T.H.

"I had a 30 minute Angel card reading over Skype with Gillian.  Going into the reading, I didn't know what to expect, but Gillian made me feel very comfortable and was very thorough in her explanations of the cards and crystals.  Although the card reading and brief meditation was short, I surprisingly continued (throughout my day afterwards) feeling much more at peace and energized.  It's incredible to see her work be so influential and her connection with what's around her makes her readings so spot on pertaining to things in my own life.  It's been a few months since we last spoke and I find myself wanting another session with her!  In addition to her Angel card reading, I've tried several of her yoga sessions she posted during the snowboard season to stay loose.  The blend of yoga poses she offered healed my body surprisingly quickly.  Time seemed to pass surprisingly quickly, unlike most yoga sessions I've tried".  -Karen


"Gillian is amazing and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to get themselves healthy, both mentally and physically with yoga and meditation. I did 4 one-on-one sessions with Gillian for the 4 weeks after I broke my back, she tailored my session just for me and within the limits my body would allow, the meditation we did before each workout helped me get centered and helped with my breathing (I hold my breath sometimes) and confidence, her guidance and instructions were amazing and if I couldn’t do something she would show me a modified version that I could achieve.

She is an amazing instructor would recommend 100%". -Morgin


“Gillian came to us highly recommended from a local yoga studio.  She captivated a very large group of Members of the Canadian Armed Forces, that have limited exposure to yoga, with her patience and grace. 


Gillian is great at reading participants of her classes, she provides alternative poses or physically assists us to obtain proper postures and gain confidence in our abilities.  What I appreciate most of all, is Gillian ability to lead a class through poses that are difficult for some and still make sure that we all come away from the class feeling like some of our stress and muscle tension has melted away. 


As the Organizer of our lunch hour sessions with Gillian, I receive feedback from our staff, which is all positive and one staff member even credits Gillian’s classes with relieving her back pain”.  

Captain Vicki Ferg, Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre, British Columbia

“I enjoy every Tuesday at lunch when our work group gets together and can forget about the busy lives we work and live in.  It’s great to enjoy the solitude of Yoga, relaxation, stretching and inner self. 

After the class is so refreshing and makes the afternoon more productive. 

Gillian is a wonderful instructor who has a peaceful demeanour and makes the experience amazing”. 

Maureen. McCready, Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Pacific

“My body and soul feel rejuvenated after Gillian’s yoga sessions.She has the touch and knowledge to cover our needs.I am always looking forward to her classes”. 

Judith Albert, Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Pacific 

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