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 Gillian Marie Pearce

    Intuitive Tarot Readings.
      Life Purpose Readings. 

    Past Life Readings.
    Yoga & Meditation.


     Gillian is certified by Kyle Gray.     
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About Gillian


Gillian is a professional tarot reader and psychic medium.  She uses tarot and oracle cards as her primary tools to connect with spirit.   Her knowing manifests itself in claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairsentience.  These abilities allow her to interpret messages from spirit so that she can channel the information for you in  a reading.  Her intention is to provide you with insight, clarity and spiritual guidance.  


All of her reading offerings are listed on the page below.  To see her calendar, please scroll down.    

Visit Gillian's YouTube Channel here:


The tarot is a powerful, ancient tool filled with symbolism and insight.  It will shine a light on situations in your life so that you can follow a path that is aligned with your heart.   In a reading, Gillian will offer you intuitive messages, channeled, through the card spreads, to provide you with clarity and insight on your journey.  



Since she was a little girl, Gillian felt a deep connection to Spirit. After completing a degree in Sociology and travelling abroad, she decided to take her first yoga teacher training. Following the training in 2011,  Gillian began to deepen her spiritual connection through a dedicated yoga practice.  

After studying, practicing and teaching various types of yoga, meditation and energy healing, she read Kyle Gray's book, Angel Prayers, felt a deep connection to the angels and began working with angel and oracle cards.   


Gillian has studied with angel expert, Kyle Gray, attending his retreat in 

New York and completing his Angel Card Mastery Certification, as well as his Certified Angel Guide training.  She is also a member of his online Angel Team community.  Gillian is highly intuitive and connects with her spirit guides to receive messages of wisdom and guidance.  

Gillian is also a self-taught Tarot reader who has dedicated years of study to the Tarot and it's multiple facets.   She has also mentored and studied with Tarot expert, Raecine Ardis, who is a Priestess of Isis, as well as a Shamanic Healer. 

Gillian is deeply fascinated by the history, art and symbolism of the Tarot as a tool for self discovery, divine connection and mediumship.    


Gillian has been a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2011.  

She has studied and practiced Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Classical Hatha, Dharma, Kundalini, Yin & Restorative Yoga. 

Gillian spent years cultivating a consistent and devoted traditional Ashtanga Yoga practice - dedicated to "mysore-style" or self-practice - working with teachers David Robson and Fiona Stang.    The Ashtanga lineage has had a profound impact on her experience with yoga.  It continues to inspire her daily practice and her offerings. 


Gillian has taught at yoga studios in Toronto, Vancouver and Whistler. Her classes are creative, devotional and include gems of yoga philosophy.  Her sequences help students to develop strength, flexibility, awareness and connection.  She is passionate about sharing yogic practices that help students find balance, wellness, self-awareness, mental clarity and peace.  


Gillian’s  goal is to offer her students a nurturing space for healing and growth.  She truly believes that yoga can help anyone who wants to live a more joyful and peaceful life.

To access Gillian's free online yoga classes, visit her Youtube channel here:

Training & Certifications

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Ashtanga, Classical Hatha, Hot, Restorative & Yin Yoga, Yoga Plus Toronto, 2011

Weekend Training for Teachers with Kino MacGregor, 2011


100-Hour Ashtanga Immersion with David Robson, Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, 2012


Ashtanga Apprenticeship with Fiona Stang, Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver, 2012


Thai Massage Therapy Certification, Gordon Waselnuk, 2016


Ashtanga Immersion with David Robson, Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, 2016

Plant-Based Nutrition Certification, Centre of Nutrition Studies at E-Cornell, 2017

Ashtanga Mysore Immersion with Fiona Stang, Whistler, 2017

55-Hour Yin Yoga Training with Jolene Bayda, Vancouver, 2017

Reiki Level 1 Training with Emily Kane at Whistler Yogacara, 2019

Angels & Miracles Retreat with Kyle Gray, Omega Institute, New York, 2019

Angel Card Mastery Certification with Kyle Gray, Online, 2020 

Certified Angel Guide Training with Kyle Gray, Online 2021

Advanced Tarot Mentorship Program with Raecine Ardis, 2022


Meditation Program (40 Day) with Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach, Online, 2023

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