Angel Card Readings


Gillian connects with the angelic realm by working with oracle cards.   Her goal is to provide a nurturing space where you feel supported in your growth and healing and gain insight on situations in your life.  Her intention is for you to leave feeling empowered, clear and at peace.

Gillian is compassionate, light-hearted and loves to laugh!  She began to deepen her spiritual connection when she completed her first yoga teacher training in 2011.  After studying and practicing various types of yoga, meditation and energy healing, she read Kyle Gray’s book, Angels Prayers, felt a deep connection to the angels and started working with oracle cards. 

Gillian has studied with angel expert, Kyle Gray, attending his Angels & Miracles retreat in New York, is a member of his online Angel Team community and has received his Angel Card Mastery Certification.  

"I received an Angel Card Reading from Gill and it was AMAZING. She started out by having me choose a crystal that I felt drawn to. Then she used 3 different decks (3 cards from each), and she was able to tie them all together to provide a reading that I could completely relate too. She explained everything so clearly and I felt a sense of knowing at the end of the reading. 

She was friendly, caring, and relatable. I definitely recommend anyone that is looking for answers to any area in their life, or is just looking for confirmation about something, to get a reading from Gill. I loved the variety of decks that she uses, and how knowledgeable she was about all of them. She really knows her stuff."  - Kylie Howe

“Thank you angels, for opening up the doors to change.  I’m ready to move forward freely!”. – Kyle Gray

To inquire or book a reading with Gillian, please call 778-788-0734 or click the link below.